Admission conditions


FotoFest accepts photographs without any geographical or genre restriction whose subject is from mathematics, physics (including the realization of a physical experiment) or computer science (including computer graphics). Registration is free. Only the author of the photograph (or the team of authors or their home institution, e.g. school) is entitled to register a photograph for the contest. There is no restriction on how long ago the photograph was taken. (This applies to this year's inaugural photo contest, but such a restriction may be introduced in subsequent years.)

The registration deadline is October 13, 2013. Photographs must be registered via an online form available on the homepage Each submission must have an apt title. The thumbnail must have resolution 1600px in jpeg format (*.jpg), with an embedded sRGB color profile including the original metadata from the camera (EXIF), except for computer graphics submissions. The contest organizers reserve the right to exclude submissions without forwarding them to the Programme Committee (see below) when an image does not fit the contest profile, as well as submissions that do not comply with the parameters listed below, or submissions the content of which is in conflict with Czech legislation.

Selection of submissions

Each author (team of authors) is allowed to submit no more than two single images in one category. Any person above 18 years of age can be the author or co-author of any image (such as a teacher from a given school).

The Programme Committee selects approximately 40 to 60 images from those received before October 13, 2013 for entry into the award-winning round. The members of the Programme Committee will be listed on the event website. Authors/institutions will be informed if they progress into the award-winning round by e-mail to their registration address no later than October 28, 2013.

The authors of these selected images (or their institutions) will be asked to send us the final copy of the photograph by November 5, 2013. An electronic application form will be made available for the submission of final copies after October 13, 2013. The final copy must have a resolution of at least 200 dpi with the longer side at least 3000 px, be in the 8-bit tiff format, and have the sRGB color profile. The organizers of FotoFest are willing to accept other formats or quality, but only by prior agreement – see Contacts. Admission to the event is free.

Photographs selected by the Programme Committee will be on public display on the official website or from October 28, 2013 to the Open Day, i.e. to November 28, 2013. This website will host the Open Day Award voting contest. Photographs selected for the award-winning round will be screened by a projector at the location where the Open Day is held. The selected photographs will also be shown at a public exhibition in the Small Scientific Picture Gallery of MFF UK, Ke Karlovu 3, for a period of approximately two months after the award ceremony.

Photographs will be assessed in two ways:

Details about the assessment will be published on the corresponding contest web page. The jury will select the photographs to be published in the official 2014 MFF UK calendar and will give the following category awards to the winning photographers present at the Open Day:  "Education and technological invention pay off", "Extended senses and images of natural phenomena", "Imagination has no limits", "It's all about people", "Magical beauty of glass", Junior Photographer Award (up to 16 years) and MFF UK Dean's Award (for the academic community of MFF UK). 

Participation in the contest implies no legal right to win. Prizes are non-transferable and non-cash prizes cannot be exchanged for cash or an alternative product. Awards will be presented during the award ceremony on November 28, 2013. If an awardee is absent from the award ceremony, the award will be given in a way specified by mutual agreement between the awardee and the organizers of FotoFest. Details of the awards will be given on the festival web pages.


By submitting a photograph to the contest MFF UK FotoFest 2013 (henceforth “FotoFest”), the participant in FotoFest (henceforth "the contestant") declares that they are the author of the photograph as copyrighted material (henceforth "the photograph") and that they are entitled to deliberately manipulate the photograph as its author within the meaning of Act 121/2000 Sb. as amended (the copyright law) to an extent that complies with the goal and content of FotoFest. The submission must neither infringe the copyright nor violate the personal rights of third parties. By the registration of the photograph for entry in FotoFest the contestant entitles the Organizing Committee of FotoFest (henceforth “the organizer”) to freely use the photograph in compliance with the rules of FotoFest, and in particular they agree that the organizer may use the photograph for promotion on the MFF UK web pages as well as in other promotional materials and that the organizer may pass on the photograph to their press partners, who may publish it in print as well as in electronic and other communication media, with no restrictions regarding the location, time or quantity of publication of the photograph. The contestant also confirms that by registration of  the photograph for entry in FotoFest all possible requirements of third parties are met regarding the protection of their right to privacy, personal data and properties, in compliance with the applicable laws, especially with Act 40/1964 Sb., the Civil Code as amended, with Act 121/2000 Sb. as amended (the copyright law), and with Act 101/2000 Sb., as amended (the personal data protection law). By registration of the photograph as an entry to FotoFest the contestant confirms that they accept the conditions of the FotoFest rules (Status and Registration Conditions) without any reservation and that they grant the organizer a non-exclusive, neither geographically nor temporally  restricted permission to use the photograph in all ways within the meaning of § 12 of the copyright law to the extent corresponding to the goals and content of FotoFest. The organizer declares that there are no restrictions to the author's copyright to their work and its further use.