Photographs selected by the Programme Committee will be on public display on the official website or from October 28, 2013 to the Open Day, i.e. to November 28, 2013. This website will host the Open Day Award voting contest. Photographs selected for the award-winning round will be screened by a projector at the location where the Open Day is held. The selected photographs will also be shown at a public exhibition in the Small Scientific Picture Gallery of MFF UK, Ke Karlovu 3, for a period of approximately two months after the award ceremony.

The official 2014 MFF UK calendar will be produced using images entered in MFF FotoFest 2013. Contestants whose photographs are selected to appear in it will receive a number of complimentary copies of the calendar, along with a personal acknowledgment from the Dean.

The organizers will host a festive lunch for the finalists at the stylish restaurant Profesní dům (Malostranské nám. 25, Prague). Participation is restricted to one author per photograph and to three persons from the same institution, including the teacher, regardless of the total number of photographs entered by members of that institution. The number of participants may need to be further reduced at the discretion of the organizers in order to stay within the restaurant capacity.

The Festival's morning programme will run from 8:30AM until 11:30AM and will be held in the Social Hall of the National House. The announcement ceremony and the MFF UK calendar presentation will take place from 11:35AM to 12:00 in the Majakovský Hall.

The morning programme held in the Social Hall of the National House will include:

The afternoon programme held in MFF UK building at Malá Strana include:

A more definite time schedule will be announced later.