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The photo contest MFF UK FotoFest 2013 (henceforth FotoFest) is organized by the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague (henceforth MFF UK). FotoFest accepts submissions of photographs on a theme from any field of mathematics, physics and computer science (including computer graphics, which are judged under a separate category from photographs). The main goal of FotoFest is to support the production of and build popular interest in scientific photographs associated with the activities of MFF UK.

Submissions could be on such topics as the following: science, technology, mathematics, physics and computer science in daily life, computers, robust systems, a record of an innovative experiment or an uncommon phenomenon, explanation of physical principles of technological devices, mathematical structures in nature, people in science, people engaged in scientific work, computer graphics, 2D and 3D visualization, or documentary photography from infotainment events and science shows.

FotoFest is geared towards a presentation at the Faculty for primary and secondary schools as well as for the public, and is open to both amateur and professional photographers, without any age restrictions. FotoFest will be part of the MFF UK Open Day scheduled for Thursday, November 28, 2013, in Národní dům (Kulturní dům železničářů) in Vinohrady and in the MFF UK building at Malostranské náměstí 25. FotoFest is accompanied by numerous related events, in particular by an official presentation of the MFF UK 2014 calendar compiled from FotoFest entries, a public lecture given by a leading professional photographer, and a workshop for contestants. Admission to FotoFest is free.


RNDr. Martin Vlach, Ph.D.
Organizing Committee – Vice-Dean for Public Relations
Tel.: +420 221 911 659
GSM: +420 608 770 918

RNDr. Tomáš Kekule, Ph.D.
Organizing Committee – Committee Deputy Head
Tel.: +420 221 911 459

Kristýna Richterová
PR Management
GSM: +420 733 165 335

Mgr. Lucie Filipenská
Organizing Committee – Physics Section, Technical Support (collection and formatting of photographs)
Tel.: +420 221 911 372
GSM: +420 774 937 510

RNDr. Jakub Staněk, Ph.D.
Organizing Committee – Mathematics Section
Tel.: +420 221 913 215
GSM: +420 776 734 899

Mgr. Martin Děcký
Organizing Committee – Computer Science Section (including computer animation and graphics)
Tel.: +420 221 914 189
GSM: + 420 607 849 873

Anna Kotěšovcová
Organizing Committee – Public Relations
Tel.: + 420 221 914 426, + 420 221 911 162

Bc. et Mgr. Ilona Šimánková
Organizing Committee – Public Relations
GSM: + 420 774 289 284

Media and Communications Office
Ing. Martina Dobroňová - Editing, Advertising and Administration
Tel: +420 221 911 661

Public Relations Office
Mgr. Pavol Habuda - Coordination with the Faculty Open Day Activities
Tel.: +420 221 911 235, +420 221 912 611