Photographs will be assessed in two ways:

The jury will select the photographs to be published in the official 2014 MFF UK calendar and will give the following category awards to the winning photographers present at the Open Day:

and also award through all categories:

There are valuable prizes for winners:


Contest categories

1) Education and technological invention pay off: applied mathematics, physics and computer science

Mathematics, physics and computer science that serve mankind. Science and technology around us. Technological progress. Science reaches beyond borders (telecommunications, satellites, measurement devices etc.). Explanation of principles in technological devices. Computers and robust systems. Mathematics, physics and computer science in daily life.

2) Extended senses and images of natural phenomena: mathematics, physics and computer science outside human influence.

"Physics" in nature (energy, time, light, temperature, forces and movement, space, state of matter, waves, lightning, rainbow, sunrise and sunset, night sky, volcanoes, water, fire, work with elements in any state, smoke, fog, rain, clouds, snow, ice, movement etc.). "Mathematical" structures in nature. Computer science where you least expect it. Innovative physical experiments and unusual phenomena.

3) Imagination has no limits: special techniques and methods

Computer graphics. 2D and 3D visualization, etc.

4) It's all about people: documentary and reportage

People in science, people engaged in scientific work. Documentary photographs from infotainment events and science shows. Life at the Faculty.

5) Magical beauty of glass

Unconventional view to daily use glass, glass pieces of art and physical effects.